Family Vision Care in San Diego provides specialized evaluations for patients with visual impairments

Optometrists who specialize in low vision rehabilitation are skilled in the examination, treatment and management of patients with visual impairments not fully treatable by medical, surgical or conventional eyewear or contact lenses. Most individuals today classified as “blind” actually have remaining sight and, thanks to developments in the field of low vision rehabilitation, can be helped to make good use of it, improving their quality of life. Visual impairments take many forms and exist in varying degrees such as loss of central vision, loss of peripheral (side vision), blurred vision, decreased contrast sensitivity, and night blindness.

The optometrist may prescribe various treatment options, including low vision devices, as well as assist the person with identifying other resources for vision and lifestyle rehabilitation. A wide variety of rehabilitation options are available to help people with low vision live and/or work more effectively, efficiently, and safely. Most people can be helped with one or more low vision treatment options. These include spectacle-mounted magnifiers, hand-held or spectacle-mounted telescopes, hand-held and stand magnifiers, and video magnification such as tabletop CCTVs (closed circuit televisions).


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